discovered ransomware

See a trend here?…..

  • Who is responsible?  Cyber criminals in countries where they will never be caught.
  • What is ransomware?  Encryption that locks up your data for a ransom.
  • Where do you get ransomware?  Malicious website or email.
  • When did this really become a problem? 2013, mid-2014, when it’s your data!
  • Why?  It is estimated that the criminals have made over 25 million dollars so far.

If you own a company or small business be aware of the potential problems that having your data held for ransom can cause.  This can put you out of business.  Paying the ransom is not a guarantee the crooks will give you workable key.  You have to use BitCoins to pay.  You have some already right?  This is not a good plan if your data is ransomed.  Look at the graph…. this will only get worse.

Best network practices and good offsite back ups are your best bets to avoid this.  Computer Guy Consulting can help you get your computers and network secured to not have to worry about this.  I can help your business implement security measures and automated back ups.  Having a good offsite back up is a good plan for avoiding other potential disasters as well.

If you need help with any of this technology stuff give Computer Guy Consulting a call to arrange a no nonsense consultation.



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